Workshops and visits
Workshops and visits
Workshops and visits

All year round, for school groups, ALSH, adult groups, specialized establishments… We propose different activities around the themes of the site. Only on reservation, on estimate.

private individuals: adults, children, families

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Specialised structures

We propose punctual mediations, but especially personalized projects with the interested structures. Throughout the year, we receive groups of children and adults affected by all types of disabilities, in our premises, but we can also move.

The sensory work with the earth under the pretext of a shaping by the gesture, stimulates and solicits tactile, olfactory and visual sensations. It is a way to develop an idea, a thought by shaping it: kneading, mixing, making, undoing, starting again…

Our main objectives are :

  • To encourage the discovery of a sensory approach,
  • To experiment with the material and verbalize one’s own sensations,
  • To encourage confidence and self-esteem,
  • To arouse desires and encourage requests,
  • Develop creativity and imagination,
  • To work on concentration and attentional capacities,
  • Develop sensory-motor skills,
  • Encourage self-esteem through production.

Schools and recreation centers

Our educational activities are aimed at children, adolescents and young adults from cycle 1 (3 years old) to high school.

The approach of the Atelier-Musée de la Terre is based on an active pedagogy, founded on the discovery and sharing of knowledge and emotions. It seeks to awaken the curiosity and creativity of the student, by mobilizing both his sensitivity and his knowledge from a situation of observation / experimentation / creation.

The mobilization of this cognitive chain is facilitated by an immersion in a natural environment and/or through the use of clay. It is organized around playful, manual and sensory activities supervised by professionals throughout the year.