Artists Residencies
Artists Residencies
Artists Residencies

To come in residence at the
Musée de la Terre de Puycheny

We wish to propose to our visitors to discover or rediscover the site of the Tuileries de Puycheny under other angles, other glances.

First mediation residency with the association
« Les Réfractaires »

7 weeks from May to July 2021

Within the framework of this residency, ceramic and plastic artists from the association “Réfractaires” (87) were asked to conceive a project aiming at creating collective works with various publics, in connection with the theme of the Festival of Fire Arts: “The Alchemy, the magic of fire”.

The artists proposed mediations around this theme to 9 schools of Haute-Vienne, from the small section to the CM2, in all 323 pupils were able to participate in this residence. In addition to the schools, 4 groups from the IME of St-Junien, the Ram of Janailhac, local residents and tourists also took part in the project. In all, 628 people participated in this mediation/creation residency. The artists accompanied the participants on the creation of a dragon oven and a bottle oven using the earth of Puycheny. They also animated mediations around the print and the vertical slip board.

The objectives of this residency were to bring together various publics from the same territory around a common creative project mixing Art, Culture and Heritage and to create an artistic event, a real guideline for the animations proposed from spring until the end of the residency.

On July 24 and 25, 2021, took place the exit of residence: 2 afternoons opened to the public. On the program: firing of the dragon and bottle kilns, free modeling workshop open to all, video screenings under the kilns mounted by the artists, exhibitions of the pieces made throughout the residency and visits to the old Aupeix tile works.

250 people came to visit the site during these 2 afternoons.

Creative residency
Mathilde Sauce

From 4 to 22 october 2021

As part of this residency, Mathilde SAUCE created sculptures/ridge finials of several scales, with organic and living forms, using Puycheny earth and clay collected directly on the Lande for a variety of colors and textures. Her goal was to create an installation where the pieces would interact with each other.

She proposed 5 artistic workshops at the Atelier-Musée de la Terre, such as self-portrait and abstract sculpture, working with 3 different earth tones, exquisite cadaver sculpture, multi-hand sculpture.

A residency outing took place on Wednesday, October 20, 2021. The artist presented these 3 “giant” ears of corn in the course of drying and was able to explain his way of working and his experience of creation on the site of Puycheny.

Creative Residency
Kristina Depaulis


From the 6th to the 7th February 2023

During her journey, the artist Kristina Depaulis has installed her “LABOMORPHE”, a trailer pulled by a bike, on several sites. For a first time in February 2023, she has arrived at the Atelier-Musée de la Terre for two days. Together, we have worked on the face, prints, body modeling and we have invited visitors to share this experience ! 

Her mobile workshop has given the possibility to explore the clay from a new point of view. It keeps a trace of every step of her travel, it grows and evolve. 

Currently, she pursues her journey and she will be back for Spring 2023. 


To be continued… 

To learn more about the terms of our artist residencies, download our explanatory document.